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木木創意秉持著“一生無限”的設計理念(one plus one is infinite), 如同萬物的生成育長都從最細微的分子開始. 好比玩積木般,利用最基本的幾何型塊,藉由不同的方式,堆疊出多種可能的堆疊排列方式.

Having the design concept “One Plus One Is Infinite”, Mu Creatives utilizes the common factors from our daily life and rearrange them in every likelihood as an inspiration for the design. Combining these factors, they become a new element and rejoins our life to provide the next possibility.

Designer Portfolio

Penny Lin │ 林 士弘

投入設計產業超過15個年頭,歷經各種不同面向的設計挑戰;早期保誠人壽的美術設計、台灣超級網的網頁設計師、廣告設計、曾服務於橙果設計八年時間,擔任平面設計經理一職,更擴大了設計領域;概括15年的設計資歷,個人擁有超過20個產業別的設計經驗。超商公仔、F1賽車圖騰、喜餅禮盒包裝設計、大陸腳踏車品牌設計、藥品系列包裝設計、企業吉祥物設計、飲品包裝設計、遊樂世界吉祥物設計、煙酒類視覺包裝設計、品牌設計規劃...等等 。

Penny Lin has devoted in the design industries over 15 years. Started from PCA Life Art Designer, Web Designer, Advertising Designer and DEM Inc. Graphic Design Manager, each position not only provided him different challenges but also gave him the skills in diverse design areas. Especially the 8 years’ work experience in DEM expanded the range of product design for him. Penny Lin’s design works cover more than 20 product categories, from convenient store figures design, graphic design for Formula One (F1) race car, packaging design for wedding gift box, branding design for a China bicycle company, packaging design for medicine, corporation mascot design, beverage packaging design, amusement park mascot design, visual design for alcohol and tobacco products and brand planning, etc.